Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Year of No Excuses

Every year I declare a year for myself… Usually quietly just in case I can’t own up to it at the end of the year, but since the last few years have gone exceedingly well, I guess it’s time to man up and step up to the plate. Okay, so last year I didn’t have a goal and I didn’t really have any last year either.

Now the year before that (Or maybe it was the year before that?) I had the Year of Facing my Fears. It was amazing. I pushed myself and did more than I ever could imagine. I learned so much that year: what it takes to do things, how much could be considered fearful, how I’ve been much better for it, and that I really can do whatever I put my mind on. And no, I’m not telling you what happened that year. It was was also the Year of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

This year is a little different since I recruited John to join in on this round of making life better. Together we’re facing The Year of No Excuses. That’s right, we’re going to do what need to be done despite anything that might get in the way.  That means “play time” is no excuse, “no room” is  no excuse, “family” is no excuse, etc. What we want to accomplish will come first, our responsibilities will come first.

Below I'm posting a poem that will be one of my main inspirations this year. I'll also post other bits of our inspiration that we come across throughout our  Year of No Excuses.

(This picture of the poem is from a Flickr poster called "W.K.")

You can also see it in this wonderful comic format which I'm hoping to get a print of from Zen Pencils

air and light and time and space Written by Charles Bukowski, Illustrated by Gavin Aung Than
 On that note, children, I need to get back to work making my dreams come true!

We'll see each other again soon during this Year of No Excuses!

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