Tuesday, February 21, 2012

His Hands (A Micro-Fiction Piece)

His hands.

That’s what she thought of most often.

She’s not sure why she remembered them most. Maybe it was the way he always reached for hers no matter where they were. In the halls of the university when he walked her to class, or stretching his hand out across the table as they ate. At home when they watched movies, even when she was cooking for him and she had to playfully bat his hand away so she wouldn’t burn their dinner. She even remembered their hands entwined during lovemaking more than she remembered the lovemaking itself. He was always reaching for her hand. She didn’t even have to look to know that his hand was longing for hers, that his warmth was waiting to meet hers again. Rarely could she deny that longing, for her hand belonged in his as much as his hand in hers.

The strength of his hands, the warmth penetrating her own skin, their powers merging right there together. He owned her in those moments that he held her hand and she would give up anything to just feel one of his hands in hers again.

As it was, they were no longer warm and there was no more strength in them, no more power to ground her. No, they were cold and lifeless, rotting away in a pine box, but she would never forget them and their original warmth. His hands would always be there, too far away to hold, longing for hers in his.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Why Our Generation will NOT be Known for Their Fashion Sense

5) We Steal Our Fashion

Sure, Retro has been done in other generations, but our generation has turned it into whole genres. Steampunk, Renaissance, Goth… Just to name a few. We’ve definitely put our spin on the styles, especially with Steampunk, but at the same time we’re taking something original and only tweaking it. Admittedly, I partake in all of these genres of dress very happily and do see them as a legitimate styles that have taken root. However, whenever historians talk about it, it will always be:

“Steampunk is a style of clothing brought into vast popularity during the late 20th century where a person takes a time period, usually Victorian, and designs a costume of that age, but with accessories of what futuristic pieces would look to people of that age (e.i. A computer or gun made with brass components). ”

In all, it will never be solely our generations making since we must always contribute major parts of design to other time periods.

4) The Turn Over and the Internet

Styles change too quickly for any one to keep track of what’s truly “hip to the jive”. With the interest and the vast amount of information, as well as several fashion shows a year by our “leaders” in trends and just the fast over turn of clothing in modern stores, we rarely see the same clothes or style for that long. For example, I’ve gone into Hot Topic, seen a Marvel Vs. Capcom hoodie I loved and when I went in a month later, it was on the clearance rack in the wrong size never to be sold at Hot Topic again. Sure, we have specialty stores online that hold onto such items (such as Marvel’s online store), but for many people shopping online for clothes is too much of a hassle. With the turn over and dilution we have in clothing, how is any of it memorial-able?

3) We own too much!

How many of us really own just one pair of jeans or just a couple of shirts? Our fashions lose value by the sheer amount of clothes most of society owns. In fact, most people would rather spend their pay check on the newest shoes instead of food. Hell, they’ll forget about their own safety for a pair of Nike Foam Sneakers if they’re on sale.

2) Tights as Pants.

Tights should rarely, if ever, be worn as pants unless you’re doing theatre or uber thin. As in wafer thin. Even then, be wary. It’s basically like walking around naked. Don't know what I'm talking about? Look at this image from Stylebust.com.

At least the people at Tights are not Pants agree with me.

1) Our babies dress like sluts.

Yes, I am being blunt about it. We dress our children in make up, short skirts, and tube tops. We dress them as adults and portray them as sex symbols. See Toddlers and Tiaras. Do I really need to say anything more about this?