Tuesday, March 12, 2013

So... It's March, right?

Here it is! March already and all of my blogging for February is... Almost non-existent. Admittedly, it's been a busy month or so, but that shouldn't be an excuse. It is, after all, the Year of No Excuses and it seems like I'm full of them lately.

The deal is that I'm working on seeing if another server is better for this blog and the Tentative Cooker blog. I am taking this seriously, but I think that Blogspot is a bit too low traffic in blogging circles and meant for more personal blogs. It's great and user friendly, but no traffic. That's my only issue  and since I want to make ERIAO a more active group of bloggers, artists, and any one else who wants their work out their, having a blog that can't thrive isn't helpful. Beyond that, I do want to turn this into a multi-function website as well. Essentially, I've been researching for something more permanent and long term (aren't we all?).

On top of that I've been looking into legitimatizing my crafting/art business which means so much more ground work. I'm tired of just one show a year and no Etsy page.  I'm also tired of just knitting and not using any of my other talents. Plus, I've been getting money together which means I've been selling things I don't need on Ebay and looking for jobs. Lastly, I've been helping Johnny get stuff together for Akron while his family has been going topsy-turvy with his brother and brother's fiancee moving. So, it's been busy and I haven't mentioned half of what's going on.

I do start my seasonal work next week, so it'll be even busier. However, I'll be catching as much as I can. We'll see you soon! And check the Facebook page for photo updates and wallpapers!