Sunday, February 3, 2013

"Brief Interviews with Hideous Men" (Movie Review)

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Despite this being “Children’s Films” month, I think that Brief Interviews with Hideous Men deserves it’s own shout out. The film it’s self is adapted from David Foster Wallace’s book with the same name and John Krasinski, best known from The Office, not only directs and acts in this film, but adapted Wallace’s works. That alone should be a lure into this film: a serious indie film adapted, directed, and acted in by the guy who’s put multiple office items in jello.

Besides that, we have an all star cast. You’ll recognize every one from something be it from a comedy to a crime drama to a sketch show. Some actors are going out of their bubble, like Christopher Meloni from Law and Order: SVU, and others, like Will Arnett, are with in their normal smooth talking roles. At the very least, it’s a blast watching and waiting for the next actor we know to come on the screen.

The film style it’s self can be a bit confusing especially near the end. It starts skipping about in places, sometimes having multiple story lines and conversations going on at once, over playing the scene that does not match, but my suggestion is to just sit back and enjoy the eventually rather dizzying ride. This is not what I expected from the Netflix summary. In retrospect, what it should describe the movie as is “a film adaptation of several short stories revolving around how men see and relate to woman.” Admittedly, it’s more boring than the original description, but at least it’s accurate.

If you watch this movie do yourself a few favors:

- Don’t look for a Plot
- Go with the Flow
- And maybe drink a glass of wine.

I’ll admit, I liked this film. Despite the lack of plot, Brief Interviews with Hideous Men flows well and becomes overly engrossing. I'm hoping to order Wallace’s book soon, since my encounters with him have never disappointed me before. Once I have, I’ll happily share my review of that and how these two compare. 

And you’ll read it… And happily so, daggnabbit.

Movie Available on: Netflix and Amazon Instant View.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

February Updates!

February is now upon us and that means we’ve got a new set of blogs to look forward too! The Movie Reviews this month will focus on Children’s movies and TV shows, because for some reason I find myself enthralled with a few right now. I’ll also be doing more of the dating series: Chivalry isn’t Dead, It’s Just Grown Up as well as a couple of book and story reviews.

On Tentative Cooker there will be a couple of recipes and at least one food review. As well as one or two blogs just generally about kitchen utilities and must haves. It’s about time right? TC has been on much too long of a hiatus!

See you again soon!