Monday, December 12, 2011

Who to Blame

Let’s start this off with a couple of quick things:

1. This is not my normal type of blog, but some times some things have to be said. Bear with me.
2. I am not debating whether or not it’s Lowe’s right to advertise where they want and when they want, because it completely is their right. I do not deny that. My issue is with their reason.
3. I love comments, but let’s be nice to every one who does decide to comment. Their is no reason for profanity or hate speech to be spread to any one.

Lowe’s has decided to end their advertising on “All American Muslims”, a show that follows 5 Muslim families around in their daily life, because of a plea from the Florida Family Association. This association believes that the show is “propaganda” because they basically believe that all Muslims are a terrorist threat. Because of Lowe’s action in support of the Florida Family Association, a lot more hate and controversy is going on.

Who do we blame for all this added hate? Lowe’s? Who pulled advertising, along with various other companies, because some conservative group complained? Or the Florida Family Association and other extreme conservative groups that probably complained as well?

Personally, I think we should blame ourselves. Looking at the Lowe’s Facebook page and all the comments, looking at all the comments on news’ articles, any one can see the hate seething from both sides. Not every one is hateful, but the dominating voices are extremely harsh and cruel. This show was designed to help create tolerance and instead people have used it to create more hate in this world. However, I am a firm believer in violent language escalating into violent actions. Let’s just all take a deep breath and voice our opinions in a respectful manner to those around us, whether we agree or not. So shop where you like, do not shop where you do not like. It is that simple.

And a special cheers to those who already take the path of respect, even in the face of disagreement.

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