Friday, November 4, 2011

"Ghost Town" Writing Exercise

Stuck in a rut? Cannot find something to write about?

Do yourself a favor and let these photos of a “Ghost Town” give you some inspiration:

Moscow Ghost Town

Why is it “abandoned”?
Who lived there?
What is its future? Its present? Its past?
Why is there way too much computer editing in these photos?
Who is the photographer?
Is he/she in love with some one from the photos?
Are they stalking some one from the photos/loving from afar?
Are they visiting or do they live there?
Visiting or revisiting?

There are a million questions to ask and a couple million different ways to answer them. Give your imagination a chance to just run away, get caught up in the moment and exercise those creative muscles.

Do not forget to take a look at the comments at some point and see if they spark any ideas or even change part of your creative exercise a bit, but be careful, it honestly does take away some of the beauty and mystery from the photos as well.

Remember that even just doing a few minute free write/writing exercise can help warm yourself up for your current project or just warm yourself up for the day.

Good writing, every one!

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